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What we offer

Tailor-made Educational Programmes 


The Consortium provides tailor-made educational programmes for students, teachers and managers. We collaborate with institutions and businesses to develop training and education that reflect the requirements of the individual organization and labour market. We also offer a wide range of educational programmes.

  • Nordic Fashion and Design
    Danish design is recognized internationally. The design is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality - and high-quality craftsmanship and materiales. During this course the student will experience Danish design and work with the design proces from creation to construction.
  • Skills Development
    We offer skills development within: Agriculture Business and Retail Construction and Technology Food and Hospitality Care, Health and Service Transportation Read more about ZBC's skills courses here.
  • Summer School in Denmark
    A strong start on your career and professional life. The Consortium offers summer school in Denmark for international students. The courses are adapted to the culture and needs of the specific country, based on the Danish education model in terms of problem-oriented project work and innovative thinking. Students attending summer school will gain hands-on skills for example within Nordic Fashion and Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Event Management, and Electric and Hybrid Cars. Furthermore, students get a unique opportunity to learn about Danish culture, history and social sciences.
  • Further Education and Training for Adults
    The Consortium is the largest provider of Further Education and Training for Adults in Denmark. We offer education within all dominant industries and continuously train our workforce to the highest level in collaboration with businesses and in accordance with the changes in the labour market.
  • Leadership and Management
    Denmark is known for its management models, which focuses on involvement, values, trust and dialogue. The Consortium offers programmes within leadership and management, for example regarding change management, team management and personal leadership.
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