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The Danish Consortium of Academic Craftsmanship

Employability, Innovation and Green Thinking 


The Consortium consists of four publicly recognized and state financed vocational colleges and higher education, offering vocational upper secondary and higher education and training programmes accredited by the state.

The Consortium is accredited by the Danish Ministry of Education 

We develop tailor-made educational programmes in collaboration with international businesses and organizations based on our professional competences, pedagogy and the Danish VET-model. The Consortium provides educational programmes that prepare students for employability and help them develop and utilize their potential.

We combine craftsmanship, innovation and green thinking, giving the students knowledge, skills and competences to change and develop the sector in which they work and to become part of the workforce of tomorrow.

Who we are 

  • Largest vocational consortium in Denmark

  • More than 100 vocational programmes

  • 32 campuses covering most of Denmark

  • 20.000 full time students a year

  • 40.000 short term labour contracts

  • 3.000 employees

  • Turnover USD 300 millions

  • Four major vocational colleges and higher education

EUC Syd - Vocational Education Centre South 


EUC Syd is South Jutland’s largest educational institution. Our educational programmes and courses prepare our students, course participants for the labour market. We focus on drive and skills because we believe that they are prerequisites for innovation and businesses’ bottom lines.

Finn Karlsen EUC Syd

Finn Karlsen


IBC - International Business College


IBC is located in one of Denmark’s fastest growing business regions. Our study programmes and management training courses attract students and companies worldwide. We equip workers and entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle future challenges.

Jens Gamauf Madsen IBC

Jens Gamauf


ZBC - Zealand Business College


ZBC is Denmark’s largest technical and vocational school. We specialize in cutting edge applied and programmes at any level. Our VET courses lead to highly practical and very technical jobs. ZBC strives to get our students prepared to change the world by educating the workforce of tomorrow.

20730 - ZBC_391.jpeg

Michael Kaas-Andersen


Read more about the Consortium 


You can read more about the Danish Consortium of Academic Craftmanship here. 

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