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The Danish Education Model

Lifelong Learning 

In Denmark, we believe in education. We believe that our future, wealth and prosperity rely on knowledge, expertise and the ability to innovate. The Danish education model is based on the idea of lifelong learning and is founded on the philosophy that options for education and access to new skills and competences should be at hand throughout life.


"Denmark is one of the countries
where most people participate in
education through all phases of life"


Source: Danish Ministry of Education 

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

The Danish vocational education and training (VET) builds upon a dual principle where students alternate between school and apprenticeship. The model is the key

to ensure a flexible and skilled workforce that can adapt to changes within the labour market. We teach our students the skills they need to become a part of the workforce of tomorrow, preparing them for employability.

Ten Teaching Principles 

In our teaching, we focus on:

  • Clear teaching structure

Process and content clarity and precise lesson planning

  • High amount of time-on-task

Effective exploitation of time, no long pauses without activity

  • Climate condusive to learning

Classroom management, good relations and optimal atmosphere for learning

  • Clear learning outcome

Clear description of goals to be achieved, visible for the students

  • Meaningful communication

Students are motivated through participatory planning and be being part

of vocational discussions

  • Diversity of teaching methods

Multitude of teaching and learning patterns, individualized, collective, 

self-regulated and guided learning

  • Individual considerations

Regarding students’ prerequisites

  • Students activity

As much as possible


  • Ongoing assessment by the teacher, making sure that learning is rooted by the students


  • Assessment of the degree to which the students are meeting the learning objectives


Adult Education and Continuing Training 

A well-educated workforce plays a decisive role in national and global economy, and the competitiveness of businesses largely depend on investment in continuing training and education focussing on new demands for skills and adaptability.

In Denmark, the General Adult Education Programme provides education that enables individuals to improve or supplement their knowledge, skills and competences, improving their ability to participate in the labour market throughout their lives.

The Consortium is the largest provider of Further Education and Training for Adults in Denmark. We offer education within all dominant industries and continuously train our workforce to the highest level in collaboration with businesses and in accordance with the changes in the labour market.

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