Join us for an intensive 2-week Summer School in Denmark. The courses are based on the Danish approach to teaching and learning with a focus on problem-oriented project work, differentiated learning, creativity and innovative thinking.

"A strong start on your career and professional life"

Week 1 


First week of Summer School, the students get hands-on skills and a unique opportunity to learn from Danish experts within a chosen area.  The students stay at four different locations in Denmark depending on their choice of programme:

  • Nordic Fashion and Design

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Certified Event Manager

  • Electric and Hybrid Cars

Week 2


Second week of Summer School, the students gather at a Campus in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The students experience and learn about Danish culture, history, social sciences, and the Nordic way of living.

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The Danish Consortium of Academic Craftsmanship consists of four publicly recognized and state financed vocational colleges and higher education, offering tailor made education worldwide.