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Summer School 2023

Culinary Short term skills training, during the summer 2023


At the Short term skills courses at DCAC, you gain skills within Danish educations as Chef, Nordic Cuisine, European cooking, pastry and bakery and Sommelier. For all Summer Schools we will have strong focus on developing your individual skills with hands on practice.

Some of the best lecturers in Denmark, with great professional pride, will teach you with the highest pedagogy and didactic standards.


Regardless of which subject you attend, you will be working a lot in the workshop. We want to do the teaching so close to practice as possible.

Choose the subject you are training in and read more about details, dates and prices:

  • Food & Hospitality summer school 2023 Read more

Why study in denmark?


In Denmark, we teach our students to be successful managers in a globalized world through cooperation in groups and projects. The students learn taking independent decisions that are required if they want to work international.

As a successful employee in an international company, it is very important that you can cooperate with other professionals from other parts of the world. It is not enough to know many facts; it is just as important to be able to develop your ideas and knowledge into profitable solutions.


At DCAC you learn how to reach your goals through independent decisions and task-based problem solving.

Image by Ava Coploff
Chefs in Action

Summer school badge

After ending the Summer School in Denmark, you will receive an electronic badge.

The badge will show what you have been working with during your participation in the Summer School.


You can share the badge on the social medias and use it on your CV for your further working life.


We always combine craftsmanship with innovation and development, so our students have the capability to do the best job possible and at the same time challenge the traditional way of doing things, so they remain the best in the field.


We teach our students and apprentices the skills they need to become a part of the workforce of tomorrow by hands on practice, preparing them for employability.


DCAC strives to get our students prepared to change the world by educating the workforce of tomorrow.


Order materials

Please contact us for inquiries, materials and admissions to Summer School in Denmark 2020 at DCAC.

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