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The Strongest Foundation for Future Success and Employability

The Danish Consortium of Academic Craftsmanship


The Danish Consortium of Academic Craftsmanship develops tailor-made educational programmes in collaboration with international businesses and organizations based on our professional competences, pedagogy, didactics and the Danish Vocational Education and Training (VET) model. 

Employability, innovation and green thinking

The Consortium provides educational programmes that prepare students for employability and help them develop and utilize their potential. We combine craftsmanship with innovation and green thinking, giving students knowledge, skills, and competences to become a part of the workforce of tomorrow.

Update about Coronavirus

Like most countries in the world, Denmark is in a special situation and we all have to contribute to not spreading the Coronavirus.

DCAC staff are all online, please contact us here in case you have any wishes or suggestions.

International Experience 

The Consortium delivers tailor-made educational programmes in collaboration

with organizations and world leading businesses that prepare students for the requirements of the future labour market in countries worldwide.

Danish Education Model

In Denmark, Vocational Education & Training (VET) is the key to ensure a flexible and skilled workforce that can adapt to changes within the labour market.

What we offer

We collaborate with businesses and organizations to develop tailor-made educational programmes, which prepare students for employability.

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